Cash chart Balsamic Vinegar

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Hawaii Balsamics Shipping and Handling Policy:

US Shipping:

1 to 3 bottles is $20.00 anywhere in the USA.  

4 to 6 bottles is $27.00 anywhere in the USA.  

Canadian Shipping:

1 to 6 bottles is $60.00

World Wide:

1 to 6 bottles is $85.00

We ship by Flat Rate Priority Mail. There is $50.00 of insurance provided on each flat rate priority box.  If you wish more than $50.00 insurance on your parcel we can insure it for up to the cost of the product, however this additional cost will be your responsibility and will be added to the shipping and handling charges in your total bill. Contact us for shipping outside of the US. 

Prices are subject to changes without notice, due to shipping container availability,  rate increases within the Postal Service and unforeseen rising cost for shipping materials.  Although we have found breakage and or loss to be fairly rare in transit as we do our best to wrap our products securely,  loss and or breakage can occur. In requesting Hawaii Balsamics to ship products to you,  you agree that in the event that the products arrive damaged you will provide Hawaii Balsamics with detailed and clear photographic proof of the damage to the product(s) so that we may initiate a claim with the US Postal Service for damage or loss,  up to the insured amount. we will do our best to replace broken product once we receive sufficient proof of damage. Hawaii Balsamics does NOT accept ANY liability for loss, breakage or damage during or on arrival of shipment. Hawaii Balsamics will not directly replace broken, lost or stolen shipments, without adequate proff and by opting to have Hawaii Balsamics package and mail your purchase you acknowledge and accept total liability for your purchase and any shipment of products and hold Hawaii Balsamics harmless for any loss, breakage, or damage.  

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